Why is home ventilation so important? Why are my bathroom walls and mirrors always dripping wet after a bath or shower? Is my home a healthy home?

We can install a full home ventilation system or fans for wets areas such as bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchens.

Every home needs ventilation. The average New Zealand home produces a substantial amount of water a day through simple household activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering and so forth.

If not actively removed that moisture can lead to condensation, mould and family health problems. By investing in good quality and appropriately selected extractor fans and a ventilation system you are not only investing in your property but in your family’s health.

The correct extractor fan and home ventilation system can quietly ventilate your home by removing condensation and moisture to create a healthier, drier, living environment.

Our typical home ventilation can be easily upgraded with features such as heat transfer kits, summer vents and additional outlets.

If you are designing a new home, or just want a dryer healthier home for your family, contact us today for more information.

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